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Applications for 2018 are now open!

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Online Vision Store

The links above will take you to the Notre Dame Vision
Store where you can apply online and pay the deposit  
and remaining balance by credit card. 

Applications for Vision CYM and Vision LMM
(as well as the high school and young adult programs)
are all available at this site.


Application Form for CYM 

Application Form for LMM

Download and submit application forms with a $100
deposit. Make checks payable to “Notre Dame Vision” 
and include the applicant’s name on the check itself
(or a list of names for multiple applicants).

Applications submitted without deposits cannot be
processed, and therefore spots are not reserved.

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How do I apply?

  1. Fill out an application and submit your $100 deposit by credit card online. Both a completed application and the $100 deposit are necessary for your spot to be reserved.

  2. Pay your registration fee by credit card online or by check by May 23.

  3. Submit CYM/LMM Registration Packet to complete Registration.

            Applications submitted on or before April 7:

                       $350/person not including deposit ($450 total)

2018 Date Lmm

               Applications submitted on or after April 8:

                       $375/person not including deposit ($475 total)

Registration fees cover all program activities, meals, conference notebook, t-shirt, and more!  Additionally, the University of Notre Dame provides housing free of charge for adult conferees in Notre Dame Vision CYM (double-occupancy accommodations).

Are there any discounts?

Since Notre Dame Vision and Notre Dame Vision CYM/LMM are complementary programs, participation in both is encouraged. Notre Dame Vision CYM (or LMM) participants who send young people to a Notre Dame Vision conference will receive the following discount: For every student you send to Notre Dame Vision, you will receive $20 off the Notre Dame Vision CYM/LMM fees. (Deposits may also be discounted.)

If you are organizing a group of 5 or more high school students to attend Notre Dame Vision, please visit the Notre Dame Vision application page to learn about being a “Group Organizer.” As a Group Organizer, you will serve as the only contact person for your group and must complete the Group Organizer Info Form, available for download on the Notre Dame Vision application page.


April 7         Early application deadline (discounted rate)

Complete Registration Cym 01

May 19        All applications due*

May 23        Full payment and CYM/LMM Registration Packet due

*Notre Dame Vision will accept applications up to 28 days prior to the start of each session 

Does Notre Dame Vision Create Wait Lists?

Yes.  Please learn more by reading our 2018 Wait List Procedures.

Contact the Notre Dame Vision Office:

334 Geddes Hall Notre Dame, IN 46556 Phone: 574-631-7425 Fax: 574-631-6968