A Night with St. Augustine



Sunday, September 21, 2014


5pm  ||  Geddes Hall


5pm Pizza Dinner

6pm Movie 

Admission: $9, includes pizza dinner, lecture and movie. Tickets bought by Sept. 14 (postmark) will receive $5 cash back at the door. 


Before the screening of the film John Sehorn will give a brief introduction into the life and work of St. Augustine. 


The Movie

Filmed in Europe, RESTLESS HEART is the first full-length feature movie on St. Augustine. Born in North Africa, Augustine studied in Carthage, becoming an accomplished but dissolute orator. After converting to Manichaeism, a guilt-free religion, he was called to the imperial court in Milan to serve as an opponent to the Christian bishop Ambrose. But when the Empress Justina sent imperial guards to clear out a basilica where Augustine’s mother Monica was worshipping, her constant prayers and the witness of Ambrose won him over to Christianity. Serving in Hippo in 430 AD, Bishop Augustine urged the Roman garrison to negotiate with the Vandal King Genseric, but they proudly refused. He passed up a chance to escape on a ship sent to rescue him by the Pope, and stayed by the side of his people. Christian Duguay directed the film, and the cast includes Franco Nero, Johannes Bandrup, Monica Guerritore and Alessandro Preziosi.




The west side of the Hesburgh Library B2 parking lot is closed due to construction. Please park on the remaining east side or on the C2 lot west of the Wellness Center (see map) and follow the signs. For your convenience we will operate a golf cart shuttle between the Wellness Center and Geddes Hall before (starting at 4:45pm) and after the event.