CSPRI Research

We periodically put out reports highlighting key insights from our research, which employ both quantitative and qualitative methods.

We expect that most of our readers are not statistically trained.  At the same time, many are professionals with a high degree of sophistication.  As such, our reports are not "dumbed down" but are written in accessible language and utilize intuitively appealing graphs and displays.  Our approach is to provide thoughtful and conceptually rigorous analyses that require time for both us and our audiences to digest fully.  

We want to make these reports free and available to the Church at large - if you would like to be put on our mailing list, please send an e-mail with your contact information to icl@nd.edu


Existing CSPRI Research Reports

Generosity Series


There are four ways to learn more about these reports: 

- Click on the pictures above to access these reports as pdfs.

- Read them as virtual magazines

- Read the following abstracts:

- For readers interested in a detailed discussion of sampling and survey methods for the Science of Generosity study, read the methods report.  

Distinctive Catholicism Series


This report, like our previous reports, can be accessed as a pdf or a virtual magazine.


Upcoming Research Reports

  • Survey of Diocesan Directors of Religious Education (coming soon!)
  • Meeting the Needs of Latino Catholics:  Exploring Programs and Services (using the Chicago Latino Congregations Study)
  • How positive or negative do Catholics feel about the Catholic Church?

Research Proposals

We are also developing a proposal to test the effectiveness of faith-formation programs.  We hope to take advantage of experimental design methods, which have been successfully deployed elsewhere to test program effectiveness, to help program administrators identify what works and what does not in the field of Catechesis.