The Catholic Social and Pastoral Research Initiative (CSPRI) was conceived as a collaboration between the Institute for Church Life and the Center for the Study of Religion and Society.  Institutionally, we see ourselves inhabiting an intellectual space touching both the academic world and the everyday reality of faith and practice within the Catholic Church.  We seek to conduct top-notch research that is theologically informed and pastorally relevant.



What is CSPRI?

CSPRI is about:

  • Bridging the gap between academic scholarship and the life of the Church;
  • Disseminating academic insights directly to multiple audiences within the Catholic Church--whether directors of religious education, liturgists, educators, or pastors at all levels;
  • Helping sociologists and other social science researchers give back to the communities they research and engage more deeply in Church life.



What is our mission?

Our mission is to leverage social science to improve the well-being of the Church.  In addition to conducting our own research, we want to:

  • Encourage dialogue between academics and the Church through our blog, The Catholic Conversation;
  • Spotlight other researchers studying Catholicism; 
  • And promote data-sharing and support collaboration in this area. 




How can we accomplish this mission? 

We are working to build relationships with:

  • Catholic media outlets
  • ground-floor catechists
  • DRE's
  • music directors
  • liturgists
  • ...and more!  

We would like to empower these various constituencies within the Church by giving them access to insights developed through academic scholarship.  In other words, we're hoping to get the word out on all the great research that is being done here and in universities elsewhere that can benefit the broader Church.

For more information, contact:

Institute for Church Life at icl@nd.edu