Abdolrahim Gavahi

Abdolrahim Gavahi, Ph.D.

Abdolrahim Gavahi, Ph

Director, World Religions Research Center

Tehran, Iran

Abdolrahim Gavahi was born in 1944 in Tehran-Iran, and received his B. Sc. from Abadan Institute of Technology-AIT (1966), M.B.A. from Iran Center for Management Studies, an affiliate of Harvard Business School (1973) and Ph.D. in comparative religious studies from Uppsala University, Sweden (1985). In addition to teaching foreign (non-Islamic) religions at different colleges and universities, Dr. Gavahi served three terms as Ambassador to the Scandinavian countries and Japan and three terms as Vice-Minister to different ministries, head of the Department of Cultural and Islamic Studies and a member of the Council of Cultural Relations at the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has also been the President of the students' Islamic Association (A.I.T.) and the Secretary- General of the Iranians Engineering Association, the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, and the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO). He has authored 14 and Translated 23 books and numerous articles on religious, social, cultural, economic and political matters. Presently, Dr. Gavahi is the President of World Religions Research Center and a fellow member at many distinguished cultural and academic societies including the Iranian Philosophical Society.