The Church & Islam: An International Colloquium at the University of Notre Dame

Thursday, April 19 - Friday, April 20, 2012

All events were recorded and are now available as video via the ICL's YouTube channel.

Colloquium Overview

The Church & Islam is an international colloquium dedicated to scholarly and religious reflections on the encounter of the Catholic Church with Islam.  The colloquium is inspired by meaningful questions shared by many believers today:

  • How do conflict, reconciliation, and healing figure into the past and future of Christian-Muslim relations?  
  • What is the condition of the Church and Christians in various parts of the Islamic world? 
  • What is the condition of the Mosque and Muslims in various parts of the Christian world?
  • How do Muslims view the Bible and Christian teachings on Jesus, the Church, and the Saints? 
  • How do Christians view the Quran and Islamic teachings on Muhammad?
  • How have Christians and Muslins presented their faith to each other in response to their respective critiques?

The colloquium will feature a keynote presentation by Egyptian Jesuit scholar Samir Khalil Samir, with a response by Dr. Abdolrahim Gavahi, President of the World Religions Research Center in Tehran, Iran.

A symposium on Friday morning will feature both Muslim and Catholic scholars.  Each scholar will offer an appreciative reflection on a major figure of the other tradition.  Together they will present thereby a method of appreciating holy figures of other religions.

Finally, on Friday afternoon, Fr. Samir will offer a reflection on The Classical Arab Christian Presentation of the Faith in the Islamic Milieu at 3:30 p.m. in 126 DeBartolo Hall.

This conference is co-sponsored by the Institute for Church Life and the Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame.


Schedule and Presenters

Detailed SCHEDULE with information about times, speakers, locations, and presentations


If you are traveling by car or taxi, please check out the GPS address for the Morris Inn.  The Morris Inn is immediately across the street from McKenna Hall (where most conference events will take place), and is open to the public. The campus is about a ten minute ride from the South Bend Regional Airport, and taxis are generally waiting outside the airport to transport passengers.

South Bend is accessible by air, the South Shore train from Chicago, and buses from both O'Hare and Midway airports in Chicago.

A campus map is available at: .  The Morris Inn has an adjacent parking lot for hotel guests.  Public parking is available near McKenna in either the Visitors' Lot or at the Notre Dame Bookstore.


In addition the the Morris Inn on the University of Notre Dame campus, local hotels near the University include (but are not limited to):

Participants are responsible for booking their own lodging for the conference.


Meals will be on your own throughout the conference.  A wide selection of eateries are available on campus, all of which are walking distance from both Geddes Hall and LaFortune.  Eddy Street Commons, just south of campus, also offers a variety of restaurants.


The closest available parking for the event on Thursday night in Geddes Hall is the B2 library parking lot closest to the Hesburgh Library. Because the event is after regular business day hours, the security gate should be up and public parking should be available.  If for some reason the lot is not open, please park in the Visitor Lot next to ECDC mentioned below.

The event will be in the Notre Dame Room of LaFortune Student Center, which is in the central part of campus.  The closest available parking is the Visitor Lot next to ECDC, immediately adjacent to the B2 library parking lot for staff and faculty.  Althought the distance is walkable (about a 3-minute walk), the University has a shuttle bus during business hours that runs between the B2 parking lot and central campus (Main Building drop off).  For handicap-accessible parking, please check with one of the guard houses at either of the main campus entrances.