Open House

Dalia and Khader are the Jewish and Arab co-directors, respectively, of this unique laboratory for reconciliation in Israel/Palestine, founded by three families from the three major Abrahamic faiths.  Dalia’s story is chronicled in Sandy Tolan’s book THE LEMON TREE:  she, an Israeli Jew, and Bashir al-Khayri, a Palestinian Muslim, call the same symbolic house in Ramle “home.”  The two of them dedicated their childhood home for educational programs serving Arab and Jewish children, and their families, caught up in an ongoing, tragic conflict in their shared homeland.  The peacebuilding work of OPEN HOUSE is based on Dalia’s “three A’s”: acknowledgement of harm and injustice inflicted by one’s own community on another community; apology for the harm done; and practical amends to rectify those injustices and heal the wounds on both sides.  For additional information, see