2015 Notre Dame Center for Liturgy Symposium

Liturgy and Vocation || June 8-11, 2015



“…some of us are married and some are not. Some of us are called to be priests and ministers and some are not. But the sacraments of matrimony and priesthood concern all of us, because they concern our life as vocation. The meaning, the essence and the end of all vocation, is the mystery of Christ and the Church. It is through the Church that each one of us finds that the vocation of all vocations is to follow Christ in the fullness of His priesthood: in His love for man and the world, His love for their ultimate fulfillment in the abundant life of the Kingdom” (Alexander Schmemann, For the Life of the World, 94).

The 2015 Symposium will explore the biblical, liturgical, pastoral and theological implications of the rites of marriage and ordination for the Church today.

General Sessions

Christ as Bridegroom (Brant Pitre, Ph.D., Chair of Sacred Scripture, Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans)

Liturgy and Vocation (Msgr. Michael Heintz, Ph.D., Director of M.Div. Program, University of Notre Dame)

Icons of Love: A Theological Vision of Priesthood and Family (Holly Taylor Coolman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Providence College)

The Order of Freedom: Social and Political Effects of the Vocations to Priesthood and Marriage (Chad Pecknold, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Catholic University of America

A Panel Presentation on Formation for Marriage and Priesthood

Seminar Descriptions

Afternoon seminars will study the liturgical spirituality of the priesthood, the newly translated rite of marriage, music and the sacrament of marriage, formation for marriage, Hispanic Catholicism and trends related to marriage, the deacon in the life of the Church, and more. Questions about seminars may be directed to 574-631-5436 or ndcl@nd.edu



Symposium registration is now available. Cost for attending the 2015 Symposium is $260 prior to May 22 and $280 after. Registration fee includes entry into all sessions, access to pre-Symposium readings, and all meals for the duration of the program. Liturgy Network members pay a reduced fee of $240 prior to May 22, $260 after.

Accommodations are not included in the registration. Housing options range from one of Notre Dame's residence halls to reservations in an area hotel including the newly renovated Morris Inn, located on campus adjacent to the Symposium venue.

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