Dr. Timothy P. O'Malley

Tim O'Malley

Timothy O'Malley is the director of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy. He is the author of Liturgy and the New Evangelization: Practicing the Art of Self-Giving Love (Liturgical Press, 2014). He is presently working on a monograph entitled On Praise: Worship and the Eschatological Imagination. This book is a work of historical liturgical theology, unfolding the eschatological dimensions of Christian worship in Augustine, John Henry Newman, Joseph Ratzinger, Jean-Yves LaCoste, and others.  

He has been published in America Magazine, Liturgical Ministry, Studia Liturgica, Assembly:  A Journal in Liturgical Theology, and Liguorian Magazine.  He is the founding editor of the Institute for Church Life's journal: Church Life:  A Journal for the New Evangelization, as well as the NDCL's blog, Oblation. Recently, he wrote and recorded a mystagogical video for high school students on the Eucharist, entitled The Eucharist as Sacrament of Love, a project supported through the Alliance for Catholic Education.     

Dr. O'Malley is a popular speaker both on campus and at a national level on topics ranging from liturgy, culture, vocation, evangelization, and catechetics.  He also serves as an Associate Professional Specialist in the Department of Theology, where he teaches courses on preaching, catechesis, liturgical theology, and the Scriptures.