2018 Vision Mentor Application

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Notre Dame Vision offers two distinct yet complementary positions for undergraduates at Notre Dame, Saint Mary's and Holy Cross College:

  • Music Mentor (primary role consists of leading all music for the program, plus small group work)
  • Small Group Mentor (primary roles include facilitating small groups and serving as dorm counselors)

Apply by completing an application and signing up for an interview and/or audition:

Online Application (for both positions)  
Interview Signup (small group mentor)
Audition Signup (music mentor)

If you are applying as both a Small Group Mentor and a Music Mentor, you only need to complete the application once but then sign up for both an interview and an audition.

Are you currently studying abroad? Please submit your application then contact Megan Shepherd at mshephe2@nd.edu to schedule a telephone or Skype lnterview.

Those who have previously served as Mentors-in-Faith for Notre Dame Vision are welcome to apply to serve as "Master Mentors". If you are interested in this role, the first step is to complete the Master Mentor application. After you submit the application, Scott Boyle will be in contact to set up an individual interview.

All applications are due October 16, 2017, at 5pm; if you would like to request an extension, please contact Megan Shepherd at  mshephe2@nd.edu (Please note: extensions will be granted rarely and only for exceptional circumstances.)  Please consult the full 2018 Application Guide for more information, or contact the Notre Dame Vision office at ndvi@nd.edu or (574) 631-7425.

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More about Mentors
Notre Dame Vision Mentors-in-Faith are undergraduates who serve as the primary leaders of the Notre Dame Vision program. The mentors are a collection of some of the most gifted servant-leaders from the Notre Dame community. These students are selected from a competitive pool of applicants because of their willingness to serve, their engaging personalities, and the diverse personal stories of faith and discipleship they can share through the program.

Many would say that the Mentors-in-Faith are the backbone of Notre Dame Vision. It is certainly true that without them, the program would not be what it is. Together. they are a treasure and a resource that cannot be reproduced anywhere else.Mentors-in-Faith receive extensive training before and during Notre Dame Vision. During the Spring semester preceding their Notre Dame Vision experience, all of the mentors take a three-credit theology class, the goal of which is to introduce the mentors to the theological underpinnings of Notre Dame Vision while simultaneously inciting their theological imaginations. Mentors also participate in Pastoral Skills Workshops, which place special emphasis on learning how to facilitate small faith-sharing groups, serve as pastoral counselors, and offer witness talks based on their life experiences. Music Mentors gather weekly to focus additional energies on exploring the uses and tradition of the expansive Notre Dame Vision repertoire, while also rehearsing as a group for everything from liturgical selections to three original musicals performed during the Notre Dame Vision week. Together, all of the mentors participate in faith formation retreats and reflection activities. During the summer, a separate course on theological reflection runs simultaneous to Notre Dame Vision - this course allows the mentors to consider their own growth in faith while they facilitate similar growth for the Notre Dame Vision high school participants.Mentors serve in one of two roles: either as Small Group Mentors (approx. 46/year) or Music Mentors (approx. 17/ year). Resident counselors facilitate small groups, offer personal faith-based talks, lead prayer, and monitor the dormitories. Musicians lead the vibrant and eclectic music of Notre Dame Vision in a variety of settings, from upbeat gathering music to morning and evening prayer, Mass, and a Reconciliation service.

2018 Application Guide

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