Confirmation Partnership

Looking for ways to invite your students deeper into the Sacrament of Confirmation? Notre Dame Vision would like to partner with you!

For sixteen years, Notre Dame Vision conferences have been creating the space by which participants can see even more clearly God’s invitation for their life.  Our conferences seek to nourish students’ imaginations to see what is good, true and beautiful in Christ and the life and practices of faith.  We hope to send them back out into parishes and schools with the knowledge that the life of faith is livable and practicable not only during the week they are at Notre Dame but every single day of their lives.

Notre Dame Vision provides a unique opportunity to support those of you engaged in the work of formation the other 51 weeks of the year.  We know that for many of you, an essential part of that formation consists of preparing your students for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  A week at Notre Dame Vision can assist in your formation efforts around the Sacrament of Confirmation in several ways: 

  • Provide a kickstart to those who are just beginning the Confirmation preparation process.
  • Keep the flame kindled for those students who may have just received the Sacrament.   

For those parishes with a two-year Confirmation program, a week at Notre Dame Vision would offer a powerful bridge from year one to year two.  For the dioceses that require a retreat for students who will be confirmed, Notre Dame Vision could satisfy that requirement, or simply provide a way to keep the fire of faith alive during the summer.   

We know each parish has its own unique needs, and so we would like to begin a conversation to see how we might serve you and your formation goals.

By sending a group and partnering with us, you would be eligible to receive:

  • Group Discount: Each student who is a part of a group of 5 or more will receive $25 dollars off the registration fee.

  • Campus/Youth Minister Discount: The Youth/Campus Minister receives $20 off their registration fee for each registered student.  

  • Collaboration with the Notre Dame Vision Staff: Includes consultation with a member of the Vision staff to develop specific outreach to your parish 

Please contact Scott Boyle, Assistant Director of Notre Dame Vision at or 574.631.0459 to continue the conversation. To learn more about Notre Dame Vison explore our site at

Contact the Notre Dame Vision Office:

334 Geddes Hall Notre Dame, IN 46556 Phone: 574-631-7425 Fax: 574-631-6968