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Apply Online

Online Vision Store 

The link above will take you to the Notre Dame Vision Store, where you can apply online for Vision YA and pay both a deposit and a remaining balance by credit card. Applications for all of the Vision summer conferences (High School, CYM and LMM are available at this site.


How do I apply?

Complete Registration Cym 01

  1. Fill out an application and submit your $100 deposit by credit card online. Both a completed application and the $100 deposit are necessary for your spot to be reserved.

  2. Pay your registration fee of $325 by credit card online, either with or following the submission of your application and deposit.

  3. Submit Registration Packet to complete Registration.

Registration fees cover all program activities, meals, conference notebook, t-shirt, and more!  Additionally, the University of Notre Dame provides housing free of charge for Vision YA conference participants in air-conditioned double-occupancy accommodations.

Contact the Notre Dame Vision Office:

334 Geddes Hall Notre Dame, IN 46556 Phone: 574-631-7425 Fax: 574-631-6968