Teaching Resources for Faculty


Each academic year, the Office of Human Dignity & Life Initiatives invites Notre Dame faculty to be "University Life Fellows." This faculty seminar aims [1] at collecting pedagogical materials on life-related issues to be made available to others for classroom-use; [2] at thinking together about effective pedagogical approaches to life issues, many of which are currently not taught, despite their importance, because they are deemed too controversial; [3] at shaping an environment within which faculty members and students from across academic disciplines can benefit from such resources, approaches, and classroom-tested models. 

Over the course of four meetings during the year, Fellows give presentations on pedagogical materials pertinent to different topics in the panoply of pro-life concerns and suitable for inclusion in the classroom, whether as an entire course, a discreet unity withinin a course, or a single class period. 

The pedagogical materials gathered for those presentations are made available for the benefit of and use by the broader academic community through this on-line database. If you would like to contribute to this project, please contact the Office of Human Dignity & Life Initiatives, at univlife@nd.edu. 


**Before proceeding to the topics and disciplines listed to the right, please have your Notre Dame NetID and password available to you. You will need it to access the database materials.