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Echo is a dynamic two-year experience of service and apprenticeship that prepares tomorrow’s leaders in faith formation. Participants in Echo have the opportunity to engage in on-going academic, professional-ministerial, communal, and spiritual formation while serving at a parish in one of our partner dioceses. To learn more, visit the Echo website.

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Notre Dame Center for Liturgy

The Notre Dame Center for Liturgy (NDCL) promotes the liturgical renewal of the Church through scholarship, pastoral education, and spiritual formation.  Established in 1970 through the initiative of Aidan Kavanagh, O.S.B., the NDCL serves all those working in liturgical formation, including catechists, liturgical and music ministers,  theologians, campus ministers at high schools and colleges, deacons, priests, and bishops.  In particular, the NDCL offers an annual symposium on liturgical prayer for pastoral ministers, an online resource dedicated to liturgy and evangelization, e-seminars on liturgical theology and spirituality, retreats and talks for national audiences, and lectures and conferences on the campus  for faculty, staff, and students of the University.  

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Notre Dame Vision intentionally connects the University of Notre Dame with the young Catholic Church.  Founded in 2001 with the charge to "theologically explore vocation," Notre Dame Vision continues to offer innovative and substantive programming that promotes the validity of holiness in our contemporary situation.  The primary annual events of Notre Dame Vision are its summer conferences for high school students (Vision) and its complementary summer conferences for campus and youth ministers (Vision CYM).  These conferences enable the Institute for Church Life to put some of the very best resources of the University of Notre Dame at the service of the faithful, as well as a wide array of Church leaders.

For more information on Notre Dame Vision, please contact us at, (574) 631-7425, or

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Since 1999, STEP at the University of Notre Dame has offered quality theological education to pastoral ministers and other adult Catholics across the country.  It provides a wide array of adult faith formation opportunities via online courses. 

Members of Notre Dame's renowned department of Theology and nationally recognized ministry experts have designed over 50 unique online courses exclusively for STEP.  Active and experienced pastoral ministers and educators facilitate the courses, ranging from four-week book reviews to seven-week theological explorations.  Each STEP-trained facilitator holds an advanced degree in theology or ministry.  Find out more at

For Spanish speakers, STEP and the Southeast Pastoral Institute have launched the Camino program to support Catholic Hispanic ministry initiatives in the U.S. Participants study the catechism and church documents interactively to deepen their understanding and love of the faith. For more information, visit

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